Bullying In The Gaming Community

IMG_9765.jpgI have written about bullying on numerous occasions and feel it is time again to devote another blog post to this topic.

Bullying within the gaming community needs to stop. I honestly do not understand the mind-set of having to bully someone for their gaming skills. 

Being unkind to a fellow gamer is uncool. It doesn’t make you a bigger person it actually makes you a smaller person. The person you are bullying generally hasn’t done anything to you other than maybe disagree with you.

As adults we should aim to come to common ground. We are all different, we have different views and should respect each others differing opinions.

I do think bullying needs to stop. As I have mentioned I have been bullied before and will not tolerate it, nor will I be friends with a bully. Someone who intentionally sets out to harm others mental state are generally toxic people.

Do not engage the bully. Turning the proverbial other cheek maybe what needs to be done. Do not let the bully see you getting upset as this is what they want out of you.

Remember you are worthy of respect, whether it’s within the gaming community, cosplay community, or life in general. If people do not respect you and your boundaries those are not your people. I have been told, “you are lucky if you have a few close friends that love and cherish you.” This is true because the ones that support us, and respect us will not put us down. The truest friends are the ones that encourage us through our turmoil not shame us and put us down. 

Bullying is uncalled for. It is a childish tactic to try to bring others down to your level. Recently I told someone to stop with their words, granted this was a narcissistic person whom I am close with. They repeatedly told me they did nothing wrong, shifting blame. They guilted me and almost made feel like I owed them an apology. I realized their manipulation tactic and called them out on it. This narcissistic person is no longer talking to me because I called them out.

Sometimes we can not help others, they simply must learn their own lessons. I have learnt from being bullied, it is not a behaviour I approve of nor do I keep bullies in my life. Sometimes those closest to us bully us, this is harmful to our development. recognize where the pattern started, get they help you need for yourself. Focus on building up your self-esteem, because you matter.

In this digital age of disconnectedness we should be aiming to build each other and not rip each other down.

My name is Arisu Alice Takumi, I am a cosplayer and a gamer, I am against bullying in both communities. #gamersagainstbullying #cospalyersagainstbullying



Cosplay Gamer On Twitch


I recently started using my twitch account in the last few weeks. I am excited to be doing cosplay while gaming. I get dressed up as a character I like and play video games. Which is a lot of fun. I like to get dressed in my cosplay costumes and sit around all ready so why not do it on the internet and other people can watch me game.

I have figured out how to have twitch save my videos so I can have content on my page, well it saves the videos for at least 14 days. I love streaming. I was super nervous about showing my face while I game. I am expressive when I play horror games as they make me squeal, jump, and sometimes scream. Sometimes I talk a lot when I game and other times I don’t, all depends on the game.

I started gaming when I was little but took a long break until I was an adult. I used to play xbox and Nintendo games when I was younger. I found my way back to xbox and Nintendo 10 years ago. The wii I have to admit is a lot of fun and I have the majority of Mario games. They are a lot of fun and I enjoy playing them. I will hopefully be able to stream them on twitch if that’s a thing I can do on wii.

Currently I am streaming xbox one games. I got into the xbox one this last year and it is a lot of fun. I enjoy it a lot. A big reason I like xbox one is because I have some amazing gamer buddies. They are a lot of fun to play with, we joke around which is perfectly ok, and they encourage me. The game that got me back into xbox was COD WW2. I used to play first person, 3rdperson shooters with my brother when we were kids, but we never played on-line together.

Today my brother is a PS4 gamer, and he still is trying to convert me. I am not bias to the console of my choice, I just don’t have funds to go and buy another gaming system. If I was to purchase any system it would be the xbox one to replace the one I have.

I like all games, except the sports ones. I am not to keen on them it’s just a personal choice, mostly because anytime I played them the players I played against were far to serious. I do know that one can make money off of gaming, but I honestly don’t know how that works.

I am happy to have internet and a place to play games. I love fighting games, arcade type fighting games are so much fun. Dragon ball fighterZ has an arcade mode which is so much fun. I streamed it for a while on twitch the other day. I cant seem to get the story mode to stream. So I am guessing there is something preventing me doing so.

The twitch app is super easy to use on xbox and with the Kinect you can stream your self along with the video game you are playing. I honestly don’t know how twitch works with wii… but I am wanting to look into it. I know I can’t use my Kinect and I don’t have a PC so we will see what happens with that. The other thing is that the twitch site can be a little hard to navigate for first timers. Find a YouTube channel, or a blog description as to where to go to set up your channel. Trying to find the banner for when I am not streaming took me a bit, but I did find it. I also found a great explanation about how to add the donation button to your channel. There are helpful tips out there, if you get stuck just ask for help. There are amazing gamers out there who will help you along the way.

Want to see me play a specific game title? Send me a message and I’ll check it out.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, if you haven’t checked out my other links please do so here.  https://linktr.ee/arisualicetakumi

Call Of Duty World War 2 Review


I first played call of duty around five months ago. I have to say I got blown away, literally I was blown up a lot down. I was quite frustrated with the multiplayer online because of this. Overtime I went from zero kills 70 deaths to a more even score with kill to death ratio. At times I go positive and sometimes I am even. I am for sure not bad as when I first started. Progression for me is key in all gaming. If you start out bad, in a year you may just come out on top. Do not quit out of frustration. Learn from your mistakes.

The game was bought for me as a gift and I found that I was really enjoying it. I have this problem I suppose, once I start something I like to finish it. I also like to get good at it when it comes to gaming since I used to game a lot with my younger brother. It was our bonding time.

Multiplayer on COD WW2 has its positives and negatives. I found some amazing gaming buddies on line which made my COD experience that much better. I also encountered trolls, and bullies. I have to say the multiplayer on COD WW2 can be a fun experience, it is just important to know if you get trolled to not let those peoples words affect you. I have been bullied long before COD WW2, its not a quality I look for and I find it to be a put off.

The campaign option is a lot of fun on this game it is definitely challenging and if you like first person shooters I would definitely recommend checking out the campaign mode if you have not yet done so.

Some of my favourite game mode on the multiplayer are hard point, domination, kill confirmed, grid iron, capture the flag, free-for-all on hardcore, and infected. Infected it is a funny option in my opinion for the game mode as there are I think 12 players and one person gets infected right off the hop and that person is supposed to infect the other team. It is a lot of fun to play and it’s the quickest getting mode as the game matches a few minutes.  

Overall call duty World War 2 is definitely my favourite game at the moment. I haven’t been able to put it down for longer than a couple days since I started playing it. I find it to be a very fun sociable thing. There are two guys I play with regularly I have a lot of fun playing with them and very much enjoy their company while playing. I appreciate the encouragement they have given me along the way. Without those two gamers I definitely don’t think I’d be as far as I am. I’m not the greatest player by any means and they definitely do carry team. I’d like to get to their level and I have a lot of respect for them so I just wanted to share that with you.

As I mentioned before, I have noticed more so with the Call Of Duty that the community can either be extremely excepting or it can be filled with trolls. It depends on the lobby you are in. It is important to not take the words of trolls as truth, or as much at all. Take the trolls words as a grain of salt and do not respond to the negative comments. Do what is best for you and don’t allow other players who troll you, or deter you from playing an amazing game.

I’m really hoping to also get some of the older Call Of Duty’s to see what they’re like. I’ve been streaming on twitch with this game and will also be streaming with Black Ops 4.   For streaming I have specific times set up so if you are interested in following me on twitch please do so. I also have set chat rules, if you do not comply please do not use the chat. It is important to me that those watching my stream show respect to all the humans. Once I get to 100 followers on twitch I will be doing a give away. Check out my links here https://linktr.ee/arisualicetakumi 

Edmonton Expo 2018

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Its been a year of going to expos I haven’t ever gone to. I am happy I was able to experience Edmonton expo with an unbiased view. I heard from some Calgarians that it wasn’t up to their standards. I strongly disagree with this. Perhaps many do not like the Edmonton expo due to the rivalry between the two cities? Do those from Edmonton dislike the Calgary expo simply because it is help in Calgary?

Edmonton had a vast array of celebrities, venders, panels, and of course amazing cosplay. I always like meeting other cosplayers. Some of the cosplayers I met in Edmonton are the following: foam_forge_cosplay, admin_the_dragon, flyinphil, cowboysamurai319, kylo_ren_cosplay, and many others but I didn’t get everyone’s info.

I also met Rutherford Manor the photo is in the slide show but I wanted to share it again because its amazing to see someone walking on stilts and welding a murderous prop. IMG_2457Rutherford Manor shared this photo on their page. Since Halloween is approaching check them out if you live in Edmonton, or if you live else where. They have amazing talent from what I have seen thus far.
Check out their website here: http://www.rutherfordmanorhaunt.com
Check out their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/rutherfordmanorofficial/
Rutherford Manor also has a TV show! Please note there is gore involved the trailer isn’t for the faint of heart. I would love to see this series. If you are horror fan like me check out the trailer, support Canadian film making and support your locals. Here is the wicked trailer: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rutherfordmanor/rutherford-manor-original-television-series-pilot

Why I loved Edmonton Expo. I ended up going with a new group of people, two whom have never been to this sort of expo. We all have fun, loads of laughs and made wonderful memories. For me personally it isn’t about where the expo/convention is located that makes it good for me, it’s about who I am with. Spending time with people I adore and whom are supportive of me is all that matters. I like cons of all sizes, bigger, and smaller. Big ones like the Edmonton Expo you meet loads of people.

This was the first trip my sister and I ever took. I am grateful and blessed I was in Edmonton with my older sister. Her and I had so much fun. I would love to make this a yearly trip, and perhaps steal her away from her family to take her to another expo/convention.


My sister is also putting on a medieval fair in Calgary in 2019, those looking for booths or wanting to come cosplay feel free to visit the following Facebook link for more info. https://www.facebook.com/calgarymedievalfaireandartisanmarket/

I always try to make videos of the trips and for some reason it just never ends up happening. I am hopeful I will have a camera person I am comfortable enough with to help me do this in the future. Thank you for reading my brief blog about the Edmonton expo. There is a short video of me on youtube at the expo, more so off the grounds please do check it out on my youtube. If you havent subscribed please do so to get updates, hit that little bell button for notifications about when I post. Keep cosplaying and gaming, I know I will.

Low Budget Cosplays; Larger Cosplay On A Budget

IMG_7159The idea is to do low budget cosplay, but make larger costumes. I think it is an easy task to make a low budget cosplay that has less material and is skimpier than most. This is the first cosplay in a series of cosplays I will be making for a low budget. I aim to keep the cost for this one under $50.

I personally prefer lots of material. I love dresses. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with showing a little leg from time to time. But I love the classic look of a gown.

Not everything I will be making will be a gown, this Vaporeon cosplay I am currently working on is a gown. I wanted to originally use a pattern and after I cut some of the dress out with the pattern I altered it so much it now looks nothing like the pattern. This what I wanted. I usually start out with a simple idea and built on it. Most of which I do in my head. I rarely draw out my ideas, mostly because I can see the finished product in my head so I cut and go.

I started a youtube channel to show progression. The majority is me talking to the camera about my plan and what I will be doing. I did use found materials from around my home as I am a crafty person and do a lot of crafts with my nieces I do tend to have left over items lying around. I found a bag of stuffing and used that in my tail along with styrofoam sheets.

If you don’t have styrofoam sheets or stuffing something you can use to stuff a project is old plastic. I usually have a garbage bag full of plastic wrappings. Plastic comes on everything now and saving it for repurposing makes sense to me. That is what I did with my old vaporeon cosplay.

Total so far for my cosplay is $18 for my blue satin, $9 for my green satin, $5 for the white material I used, the dress cost a total of $32 to make. I used left over velcro for the top and elastic for the skirt. The head-piece is in the making is going to be made out of clay, wire and a $1.25 headband.

If you haven’t checked out my youtube videos please feel free to do so. I will be posting more updates about this cosplay as I got along. Thank you for reading my blog. Have an awesome cosplay crafting day.

Animethon And NSFCON


Animethon was a weekend I will remember forever. I had a lovely friend of mine go with me and she helped me to get situated and she carried around my medical backpack which enabled me to enjoy the con to the full of the extent. 

When we first arrived I decided to do my sailor galaxia cosplay. I love doing different Cosplays for cons. I know I won’t always be able to do a new costume every con, but I am sure going to try. I ended up switching out of my galaxia early because my feet were killing me from the shoes I had on. Wings made out of foam also do not breathe and thus lock in the heat. 

I changed into my Harley Quinn pennywise costume. I did my make up quickly in the washroom and my friend graciously helped me out of the conference center and to the car with my other costume. On the way back in I had my friend film a little clip of my pennywise. 


We walked inside and walked around the exhibition hall for a bit and then I decided to sit down and take a breather. I feel this amazing foxy costume and walk to read my photo taken with them. Right when I was about to leave someone stop me and asked me if he could take a photo of me and foxy and if they could asked me a couple of questions. I had no idea it was for the news it until later that evening but it was really awesome experience and I’m super happy that I was able to experience that at animethon 25.  

I met many inspiring Cosplayers, with talents that surpass me and left me awe-struck. Each convention I go to I meet different cosplayers with different cosplay craftsmen techniques and it always inspires me to want to create more interesting cosplay.

I have always wanted someone in my life that I would be able to cosplay and enjoy conventions together. I really look forward to eventually doing couples cosplays. I have quite a few cosplay goals. 


At Nsfcon I was ecstatic to meet watts the safe word and listen to them talk about issues within the community. I dressed up as a creepy Alice for NSFcon this year. It was first time at nsfcon and it was loads of fun. 

Very much enjoyed the relaxed, and laid-back atmosphere. It was an event I will remember for a long time. 

The swag bags were amazing for the VIP. We got live action comics, some got shirts others got wine glasses, I got a print, a key chain, a shot glass and memories to last a life time. 

NSFcon was the first con I went to with all girls. We had a wonderful time walking around giggling and checking out the merchandise. I had a lovely time at both cons and would love to attend both again next year. I am thinking I need to find me a travel buddy with similar interested and similar goals when it comes to cosplaying.

I am excited to announce I now have a youtube channel and am hoping to get some videos together and put on-line about cosplay.

Anime Revolution 2018; Cosplay Contest

F2109931-2A0B-46E2-9F6F-20447E5BD00COn the first day I was dressed as black lady/wicked lady/dark lady from Sailor Moon. I was able to walk the floor but check out some of the things in exhibition hall and enjoy myself without being stopped For too many photos. The custome was super hot because it’s made out of velvet like material.


Saturday I actually woke up with a migraine which is a bit of a bummer and I didn’t actually get down to anime revolution till maybe one or 2 o’clock. I was hoping to get there early and have the majority of the day to do three cosplays however this was not the case. I did actually end up doing to cause plays both from Tsubasa reservoir chronicles. I had so much fun in my costumes and in the heat surprisingly it was super hot I was in a pool full of material. It was definitely worth it for just being  sakura and emulating her to the best of my ability.


I saw so many different kinds of Cosplays and then when I was on the Internet later I saw even more Cosplays that I didn’t even get to see in person because there are just so many people going in and out of anime revolution that you only get to see a select few of the amazing Cosplays that are out there. Anything that has to do with mobile suits I love. I admire the time the technique and the attention to detail that goes into the suits.


Even though I had a migraine it was worth it I had so much fun on Saturday even though I didn’t feel the greatest. I have to admit coming to Sunday I was getting more and more nervous I had no idea what to expect as far as the cosplay contest and it didn’t cross my mind to backing out last minute mostly because I’ve never done one before.

I meant many photographers, and a YouTuber during the convention. I have to say a lot of them are very polite they generally ask if they can take your picture and they are very accommodating. The YouTube or I met took a video of me doing different poses, walking, twirling etc. At one point he asked me to swing my sword up and put it onto my shoulder as I want to do this I actually hit myself in the head with it which is quite funny. Because it made me laugh. 

Sunday I had to be at anime revolution earlier than I was the previous day and so I tried to get to bed early however I hardly slept I was quite nervous and unsure about the contest and what to expect. I got there did prejudging at 1pm, it went a lot quicker then I expected. I left and before I knew it was 5pm and time to get to Hall A for the contest. 

Me being nervous I tend to like to arrive somewhere early because I like to get situated and readJust my costume. I also didn’t want to see all of the people in the audience until I got on stage because I didn’t want to psych myself out.

The lights dim they start to roll the fog machine in a bit the announcer start to announce that are going to start the cosplay contest at this point I’m not feeling that nervous I’m like OK they start calling contestants up to do their skit or their poses.

They get to me and I’m number 17 and I hear them announce me and my heart starts beating crazy like beating out through my chest. I turned sideways to get up the stairs because my wings are too big I can’t walk straight so I’m trying to like crab-walk it up the stairs. I get up there and I don’t have my glasses on, and I don’t wear contacts so I can’t see anything. I noticed that there’s a lot of blobs in the room so I’m assuming its a packed house. I get up there I do four or five poses I kind of giggled a little at the end and I get off the stage. I had a bit of a difficult time getting down but I got down the stairs.

Then we are sitting in the back waiting for the rest of the contestants to go on. And it’s like my nervousness went away at that point. Doing a cosplay contest was a bucket list thing for me since I’ve started cosplaying but also since I started getting into anime. I always wanted to be the characters that I love so much and I didn’t for the longest time because I let other people‘s opinions hold me back. I’m glad I was finally able to just say you know what I don’t care what other people think at this point I’m going to do something that I love and I’m going to continue moving forward with it.

As we wait for them to announce the winners I soaked in the moment of the experience. I thought I’m a novice I am totally new to this is my very first contest and there’s a lot of amazing cosplayers in here. As the cosplayers all talked to each other and I just kind of people watched and admired all of the cosplay and craftsmanship.


When they began to announce the winners I heard them say sailor moon and I kind of just l froze and didn’t think I heard right and they said my cosplay name and I was in so much shock. I couldn’t even get up the stairs I was trying to turn sideways I kept stepping on the front of my dress trying to get up the stairs. I am so grateful one of the hosts ended up having to hold my sword for me because I couldn’t seem to get up there and I totally deer in the head lights to it when I was out there. I was like what do? Where do I go I’m not sure what to do? I stood there with the other winners on stage and then they asked all the contestants to come up. 

I have to say I definitely have felt more part of a community being in that contest and talking with other cosplayers and learning a little bit about how they do things and it was an amazing convention. I definitely really want to go again next year. I really want to try to go to the winter one. I am super sad Anomie revolution is over for this weekend and I really wish I was able to make it for a longer period of time on Saturday. But I know that next year I will hopefully be able to do that. Doing the cosplay contest was an out of my comfort zone kind of thing and that something that I’ve been focussing on doing a lot in the last couple years is getting out of my comfort bubble and doing things that I don’t normally do. I am so blessed to have someone in my life that is willing any wanting to help me with cosplay. What an amazing experience for my first cosplay contest.